Contracts and Agreements

The experienced and resourceful attorneys at the Fernandez Law Firm negotiate, prepare, and review contracts and business agreements, including: employment and severance agreements; technology and intellectual property licensing agreements; non-disclosure, non-competition, and non-solicitation agreements; research, development, and manufacturing contracts; real estate purchases, sales, and leases; terms of use provisions; advertising, and promissory notes.

The trial attorneys at the Fernandez Law Firm also aggressively and effectively represent clients in the enforcement, litigation, mediation, and arbitration of breach of contract and intellectual infringement matters.

The Firm’s Clients include a diverse client base, such as: High Tech and Aerospace Companies; Manufacturers; Software and Hardware Developers; Information Technology and Service Providers; Engineering and Construction Companies; Commercial and Residential Property Management; Health Care Professionals; Food Service, Restaurant, and Catering Companies; and Internet and Retail Businesses.

Regularly call upon the Firm to negotiate, prepare, and review many types of contracts and agreements.