Shareholder / Member Agreements

One of the most important keys to a businesses’ success is having a thoughtful and through agreement between the owners on how the business will be controlled and operated. The innovative and knowledgeable attorneys at the Fernandez Law Firm can help shareholders, partners, and members align their business expectations and set forth their respective rights and obligations so that everyone is on the same page from the start.

Whether it is the drafting of bylaws and shareholder agreements, operating agreements, or buy/sell and exit agreements, the Fernandez Law Firm can lend their expertise and minimize the potential for disputes and misunderstandings. Our attorneys realize the importance of the having solid agreements in place and can assist your Colorado business by drafting, revising, and reviewing agreements between principals and owners. The experienced business attorneys at the Fernandez law Firm also can help resolve shareholder and member disputes through mediation or litigation, and assist in the dissolution of the business.

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